Industrial buildings on
Gariūnų str. 71, Vilnius

Gariūnų ekologiniai projektai UAB, member of Top Cap group, owns and manages 6 buildings on Gariūnų str. 71, Vilnius.

The buildings with the total area of 4,948 sq. m. have been rented to Ecoservice UAB until 2027. The 3.18 ha land plot is leased from the state. According to its intended purpose of use, the land plot is used for storage, sorting and utilisation of waste.

In accordance with the general plan of Vilnius, the purpose of use of the territory can be changed to the commercial mixed purpose territory (except residential), and the plot can also be used for construction of the trade, warehousing or mixed purpose objects.

sq. m. area

Landmark Capital

Landmark Capital