Transport and infrastructure design JSC “Tiltų ekspertų centras” (TEC) acquired JSC Bioprojektas controlling stake from Mečislovas Daugiala, other minor shareholders and “Axis Industries“. From now Bioprojektas is part of TEC corporate group. Visvaldas Šavelskis, experienced energy facilities design and consulting specialist become JSC Bioprojektas Managing Director. Former Bioprojektas CEO Arūnas Ruokis will remain in the company and work as a project director.

By acquiring “Bioprojektas” JSC expands the range of services and geography. “Bioprojektas” has experience 17 years of successful designs for heat and power generation facilities, biofuel preparation, processing, transportation and storage systems and other industrial and energy facilities in Lithuania, Northern and Eastern European countries. The newly formed TEC group companies will now be able to offer a wide range of design and consulting services for both building and infrastructure segments”, – says General Director of the TEC Marijus Jarockis.

JSC “Tiltų ekspertų centras” – transport and infrastructure design firm, established in 2003. Over the lifetime of the company prepared by about 500 cars, pedestrians, railway bridges and overpasses, roads, streets, railways, water and other infrastructure projects, with a total length of 600 kilometers.

After the acquisition group of companies employs nearly 100 employees, including more than 70 highly skilled engineers, designers.

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