3 of August 2015, Vilnius

Investors “Landmark Capital” developed company’s projects list by newly acquired enterprise – “Tiltu ekspertu centras”. This is one of the leaders in the design of the infrastructure market in Lithuania and has accumulated more than 10 years operating experience in bridges, roads and railway design. The transaction amount has not been published.

„We invest only in companies that have string growth potential and opportunities impetus to development. We raise high criteria for firms that enter into our outlook; a clear competitive advantage, preferably to share specific niche market, experienced and motivated management team, a clear corporate development strategy and business plan, the overall market growth potential and others. These criteria are important, because our company is involved in investment projects both as a developer and as a financial partner“. – commented on the acquisition Director of “Landmark Capital” Marijus Jarockis.

In 2014 companies “Tiltu ekspertu centras” income amounted to 4,07 million eur. At this moment in company “Tiltu ekspertu centras” working 46 employees. After the acquisition and further aims to continue and grow activity of “Tiltu ekspertu centras”.

Coming of new shareholders, we evaluate as increasing development opportunities. At this moment in company works qualified specialists with high education, and thanks their work and projects, the company has won a name of reliable partner. With an appropriate set of advantages, we get a partner who knows our market and makes conditions for further develop and grow of the started business. This is an investment that is beneficial to both sides“, – says a director of “Tiltu ekspertu centras” Regimantas Valasevicius.

Since 2014, active in Lithuania company “Landmark Capital” invests equity capital in a variety of businesses and projects, acquiring a part of the shares of existing companies, as well as directly acquiring real estate. Company creates benefit for owners and business partners by helping them to discover potential businesses and real estate projects as well as funding them and realizing the company’s managers, owners and specialist’s competencies.

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