Landmark Capital is the real property and business management and development company. Since 2014, the company has been investing its equity capital into acquisition of shares in the operating companies and companies being incorporated, or financing their activities or ongoing projects. In 2015, the company has undertaken the real property management and lease activities. The company also provides funding to the ongoing real property projects.

The foundation of the company operations is its team possessing 30 years of business management experience and offering optimal guarantee of the ratio of safe investments and maximum return.

The company creates value for business owners and partners by finding new promising businesses and developing the existing ones, thus making investments and managing the real property projects.

Through development of business, the company provides business management consultations or equips the companies with the required competences of the managers and specialists.

In Lithuania, Landmark Capital manages LMC Real Estate 1 UAB and Gariūnų ekologiniai projektai UAB, the real estate management companies, the TEC group of companies rendering engineering services and consultations, and Samogitia UAB, the leisure and entertainment enterprise. All the shares of Landmark Capital belong to the Estonian company Top Cap OÜ.

As at 2018, the portfolio of investments managed by the company exceeded EUR 16.5 mln.